The short answer is Yes!

Having inspection will help you not only save money, but also prevent future problems, like mold, leaks, and wildlife infestation.

When is the best time to have your roof inspected?

Most people have their roof inspected in the spring, because of the possible damage due to ice dams

during the winter. Ice dams cause damage to your roof by loosening shingles and enable water to get

under and in to your home. This can cause mold and health problems for you and your family. Calling

after severe rain/wind storm is a good idea too and everybody knows you call a roofing inspector before you buy a home or you might have problems insuring an old roof or have to spend additional thousands of dollars on repair or replacement.

What is the cost of roof inspection?

It depends on square footage, damage, accessibility and the kind of inspection your roof needs and

equipment that has to be used for the inspection. Most companies will charge you a substantial fee for a 10 point inspection but here at Iron Guys roofing our 10 point inspections are always free.

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