First your roof needs to be inspected and photographic essay created so you have sufficient information to file the claim.
After you call or submit your claim with an insurance adjuster appointment will be scheduled and a representative from your insurance company will come to assess the damage.
Once your claim is approved, an insurance estimate check for ACV or RCV will be sent to you .
If you have an Actual Cash Value (ACV) policy your insurance will only pay for the depreciated value of your roof meaning what the roof on your home is worthed today. 
(RCV)Replacement Cost Value policy will cover replacement of a full roof and you will receive 2 checks first one for ACV of your roof, after work is completed and you show proof that all the work has been done insurance will send out the second payment that is called Recoverable Depreciation.

 It is important you share insurance paperwork with us.

After your claim is approved and you receive your first check, we will meet to go over plans for your new roof and we will ask to see your insurance estimate. We ask for the paperwork because your claim has important information for us that will help us do the job correctly.
Depending on your policy ACV/RCV the paperwork will have Xactimate estimate. It will also have a line item list of what your insurance adjuster found when they inspected your roof. All that information is very important to us because it allows us to know the scope of work and it protects you from insurance fraud and most of the time the cost of roof replacement is greater than the insurance estimate and that could be a big problem for you.That is why we send our Estimate/ Supplement before we start work so everything is covered, since some adjusters leave off items that are required by local codes. If your policy has a code upgrade provision in it then they have to pay if not you are going to be responsible since by law thouse codes have to be respected. 

Working in sync with us ensures you get exactly what your damaged roof needs in compliance with your insurance and that we do the job right the first time. If we don’t see the paperwork then we won’t know what the insurance company included in the estimate or the scope of work required. 

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